Monday, 2 November 2009

Keeping conversation going the VW way

Volkswagen released a couple of pieces of interesting content a while back using the notion that fun can change behaviour for the better and harnessing that notion to build brand goodwill and conversation.

They asked me to sign up to (which I did on the 9th October) and promised me more fun things soon. Well, they delivered the goods.

Last week I got an email announcing that the site was live (it previously just had a holding page / sign up option) and inviting me to visit and incentivising participation with a prize / competition. Admittedly, they could have put a bit more effort into the copy writing (back to my dating analogy, first impressions count!), but it did what it needed to do:

It made me keen to engage with the brand again, they'd added more content, and hosted some of it on YouTube to make the most of opportunities to engage with people actively coming to their site or those just surfing looking for content on YouTube. Boxes ticked!

There's also some interesting other suggestions up there already, so I'd recommend a visit.

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