Monday, 2 November 2009

First online flash mob or not, the conversation went so slack I almost forgot...

Back at the end of September I wrote about an intriguing initiative featuring digital space hoppers that turned out to be by Sony Ericsson. At that point I was rather thinking it was all quite good.  And then I heard not a squeak in a whole month.  10 points deducted for not continuing the conversation.

I'm going to keep using my dating analogy.  That's like asking someone if they'd like to go out for a drink and then not bothering to call for over a month to fix a time and a place!?  Why would you do that?  In the meantime they might start a relationship with someone else.

 However, at least they did follow up eventually with this email last week announcing the time of the first online flash mob event, 24 hours after the email was sent.

The small print in the email also told me that I'd only be able to see what my hopper was up to from the computer I created it on which was no use at all as I was in Thailand with my work laptop and I'd created it on a laptop at home in London. 

Time difference, distance and technology therefore conspired against me but you can relive the hopper invasion here.

However, we'll allow a degree of points redemption for providing downloadable games and other means of ongoing interaction with the experience / idea via the Sony Ericsson Hopper Invasion website.

Overall as end of term reports go I'll award a "C++  & could do better" for the initiative overall and "A-" for effort because at least as brand they are experimenting and learning. There's no rule book and the only way brands will learn is by trying so dive in. 

If you don't ask for that date in the first place, even if it takes a month to follow up, you won't stand a chance!

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