Tuesday, 10 November 2009

(Reading) Shortcuts in a busy world

We're all busy. We all have things on the get-around-to-it list, and in a world of bite-size news and impatience, books are often high on that one-day list. Business related books are probably even higher for most people.

This year I've read a great book called Nudge, I'm reading Grown Up Digital (slowly, 'cos whilst it's very interesting it's a big hardback, too big for handbags and tube commuting), and I do make an effort to read things that provoke and challenge in amongst the host of things my bookworm habit encompasses.   But to save those of you who are less motivated an awful lot of time I've just come across a fabulous shortcut to some synopses of some of the bigger business / digital titles that have been kicking around the must-read list for a while.

Enjoy feeling smug after you've clicked here.

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