Friday, 6 November 2009

Kleenex play in multi territories but don't quite join up all the dots

I wrote just yesterday about a new Kleenex ad that did a great job of going beyond the predictable territories of germ spreading that so many people are playing in right now. Albeit I have to say I love the approach that Carex are taking - here's one of the ads they have on the Tube right now:

But then last night I saw this Kleenex Ant-viral tube card panel, and then heard radio ads too. 

This morning coming out of Paddington Station I then met Kleenex AntiViral super hero Kavman, sampling tissues and handing out this "Daily Tissue" leaflet & coupon off future sales.

So fair play for covering multiple bases, just a shame they hadn't bothered to put a URL on the leaflet. Nor seem to be joining up the dots to make more of Kavman in other spaces, given the recent success of campaigns like Compare the Meerkat and using characters to further conversations between brands and consumers. A quick search on Bing revealed lots of links to Kleenex sites (but which one to choose?) but nothing on Kavman.  Missed a trick there!

Then I just found this ad on Facebook....

Leading to this page,

That ties in with TV ad nicely but what about the sampling activity and Kavman?? We'll award points for trying to amplify the Let it out campaign via a Facebook page that includes emotion tests and a competition to win a year's supply of tissues but then deduct a few points too for having not joined up the dots properly.

Close but no cigar.

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