Tuesday, 3 November 2009

X-factor may be everywhere but "talent" is subjective

It's X-Factor season in the UK (although personally I'm more of a Strictly Come Dancing fan, despite the shocking costume design this season).  There are X Factor stories in the papers everyday. Simon Cowell and his fellow judges getting to appraise and be brutally honest about the finalists talents, and then the public voting for who they want to keep in the competition.

Love it or hate it it's hard to ignore it. 6 year olds today just want to be famous, such is the cult of celebrity. I'm all for encouraging aspiration but at the same time when you see the truly dreadful being propelled forward in the competition because of the value of ridicule it saddens me.

However, you do have to applaud these shows for creating endless amounts of hilarious, entertaining and enduring content & conversation (remember SuBo? 77m views of this video alone). Having just written a post about a music talent competition in Malaysia with a catchy song, I shall expand on the theme and offer you a Boy Band example someone just sent me from Russia from 2007. This blog does like to flag the delights and the disasters from across the web after all. It's another cheesy pop song, but those boys do look like they could do with a little bit of make-over help from the X-Factor team.

Make up your own mind :-)

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