Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Big Buzz brand charts of 2009 & some thought starters for 2010

Vitrue publish a chart every year on the "noisiest" brands in social media, ie, the ones that get most blog posts, videos, images posted etc as opposed to the providers of the spaces (so Google/YouTube/Facebook etc not included).

It probably won't be a huge surprise that in the top 10 were:
iPhone, Disney, CNN, MTV, NBA, iTunes, Wii, Apple, Xbox and Nike.

Adidas was the big mover and shaker jumping from #85 in the 2008 charts to #14 in 2009.  (Incidentally I read yesterday about a new Adidas campaign / concept where via a QR code printed on the tongue of certain new trainers/a webcam you can create an augmented reality games console/experience)

Find out who else was making a song and dance in social media last year here...

Then, the ever-interesting Springwise sent me a mail this morning linking to some interesting thoughts on areas of new business opportunity we might see more of in 2010.  Well worth a peruse.

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