Monday, 18 January 2010

My first mobile blog post - need driven

Grrrr. I have had no network connection at work for over an hour. No web, no email, no Twitter, no access to documents I was hoping to work on, no Spotify.

Then I remembered my iTouch was in my bag. That solved music, and given the office WiFi network is distinctly patchy near my desk I have had to resort too my trusty Hero for email and Twitter. And now blogging.

Yet strangely,the Android appstore doesn't seem to boast a decent Blogger friendly app. That seems a bit odd as it is a Google platform and the Hero integrates my gmail so seamlessly that I can start writing an email on my Hero, and continue it via gmail on my laptop still with the phone in my other hand. Ace for gmail, d+ for Blogger.

Maybe I can see the point of tablets after all!

In the interim I might just have to relocate to a WiFi enabled coffee shop with my laptop, as keyboards on phones are functional but not practical for fast typing.

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