Monday, 4 January 2010

Starting the New Year with a meerkat movie

I've been mulling over all sorts of stuff over the Christmas break, particularly things of a mobile flavour, but for now I am going to content myself with starting 2010 with the latest from my favourite meerkat.

Yesterday, Aleksandr was teasing the launch of his new TV ad/film trailer and asking people to make an appointment to view it's debut on ITV.  Digital glue. Online driving eyeballs to offline. Nice.

The partnership with the London freesheet is still going strong, with this morning's paper featuring a prominent shout out for the trailer too....

The trailer is worth a watch - it's on the Compare the Meerkat site, just as if it was a studio release, and there's some great humorous touches in the way it's been put together, and encouraging people to sign up for news of the full release.  Smart. More people in the e-crm programme. Hints of more to come.

Go on, spare 60 seconds as you ease yourself back into work :-)

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