Friday, 23 April 2010

Facebook's garden walls demolished....

Uber busy week for me, but in the midst of it was the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, where amongst other things the key outcome was the unveiling of the Facebook Open Graph API.

Ignoring the techy stuff, what that means is that whereas up until now brands have had to come to Facebook if they wanted to make it easy for people to engage with them (because we were all hanging out there so much anyway), now, site owners can embed bits of Facebook functionality into their own sites. Facebook is no longer a walled garden.
This sort of functionality is going to make a massive difference to the dynamics of how our social graph (i.e our friends) shapeour wider web experience.

Here's an example from Levi's on how shopping from your sofa's just about to get a whole lot more sociable:

More to come from me on this topic, but I need to mull more!

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