Wednesday, 14 April 2010

iPad international launch put back

Apparently the iPad has been such a rip-roaring success in the US (500k units sold in the first week) that Apple's supply chain are having to eat humble apple pie. With demand exceding supply they announced today that they are pushing back the iPad's international launch / availability from the rumoured end of April to the end of May. More details including international pricing will be announced on May 10th.

Meanwhile UK newspaper The Guardian has had over 50k downloads for it's Eyewitness photography based iPad app, which is pretty interesting when you think the unit isn't even on sale in it's own market. Crudely that's 1 in 10 iPad owners having downloaded it. A big plug for it during last week's O/S 4 conference probably helped somewhat, and it's currently at #6 in the iPad app download charts.

And as I am talking numbers, I just saw a Tweet from TechCrunch announcing that there are now 105,779,710 registered Twitter users (not to be confused with active ones, not all of those users are active regularly / if at all). Twitter have also said that they are growing by 300k users a day too.

Interesting  numbers from a critical mass perspective given that Twitter are reportedly handling 600m search queries a day and have launched their equivalent of "paid search" this week known as "promoted tweets", which are currently sold on a CPT basis (cost per thousand for the non media luvvies amongst you) via TweetUp.  More on that another day.

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