Friday, 9 April 2010

Pick your Meerkat

Some Friday fun from my favourite furry friend, Aleksandr Orlov of Compare the Meerkat.  He's had a busy few weeks releasing releasing various things (more later) to keep the campaign momentum going.

Today,  I got this Facebook announcement (and a similar one on Twitter too), announcing something of a site refresh for the site (not to be confused of course with

Now you really can have some more fun picking different meerkats in different scenarios / against different criteria:

So here's my small yoga meerkat in Sydney :-)

And now you really do (at last!) get to compare the meerkats

Have a play....

And if you don't fancy that, then you could try the latest Meerchat podcast (not as good as the last one with the Hof, but...), or play around with the official or the unofficial iPhone apps.  Interestingly I found this unofficial one some time before the official one came out .

I suspect that the team noticed that an enterprising fan had dedicated time and energy to creating a credible and on-brand app, and thought they'd better do an official one with a few bells and whistles.

Or failing which, my final offering is his second 60second movie trailer: The Battle of Fearlessness.  I like the ad pieces but it's all the other interactive bits, the responses he makes to the tweets and comments that are for me what makes this campaign.

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